Eric Goodwin

Technical Director

Eric Goodwin

Born and raised in south-east Calgary, Eric moved to Ottawa in 2004 where he finished his B.Sc. in Computer science at the University of Ottawa. As a web developer he's worked on custom websites and a variety of content management systems. Since 2012 Drupal has been his primary focus and he's excited to see where it's headed. 

Eric started his web development career working on internal reporting and order tracking systems but much prefers the public websites he gets to work on now; he brings a passion for performance, accessibility and quality bilingual websites to the Cyan Team.

Eric loves the outdoors and has been a year 'round cyclist ever since working in Gatineau and finding the bus service not to his liking.  You might also find him ranting about an injustice or debating city policy on twitter. To keep the creative juices flowing Eric is an amateur photographer, competent with a sewing machine and makes his own beer and wine.


trips made by bicycle


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gallons of home-brew beer/wine made