Kara Cashion

Mischief Maker

Kara Cashion

Kara is our Mischief Maker and Events Concocter. For the last 10 years, her unique brand of stirring it up has translated into marketing adventures out into the community as well as out of the box team gratitude experiences. 

Throw all of that into a video and it's perfect for Social Media content and/or blackmail purposes. 

Among her many adventures with our crew: 

  • Guerilla Gardening - been there, wore the t-shirt!
  • Amazing Race - with a cribbage tournament against the fellas at the legion - beyond funny!
  • Spontaneous fundraiser for disabled subway panhandler - best part of an employee Pay It Forward day.
  • Abducting employees to unknown location - just standard practice

Her qualifications: Life long troublemaker....but in a good way!  :o)

If your company needs a little shake up, we may loan her out.  Just ask!


amazing husband who, thanks to her never-ending ideas, laughs often (mostly nervously...)


parents who like her now


ideas brewing at any given moment