Stephanie Chartrand

Art Director

Stephanie Chartrand

Stephanie has over six years of experience as a graphic designer and has been leading the creative team at Cyan since October 2014. Stephanie and her team are like two (or in this case three) peas in a pod – collaborating together on many projects and enjoying one too many Starbucks lattes in the afternoon.

Stephanie is a very driven and focused individual who completely immerses herself in any given design brief to produce outstanding creative and desired results. In her free time, you can find Stephanie curled up with a book, reading the latest memoir to pique her interest, or helping to solve the most recent crime on 48 hours or Dateline NBC. When she's not being a sleuth, Stephanie likes to spend time catching up with friends, hanging out with the fam, and improving her carpentry skills via DIYs on Pinterest.


days spent successfully hiding her first tattoo


hours once spent on a bus to Florida (long story)


socks eaten by her washing machine