Tania D'Angelo

Director of Operations

Tania D'Angelo

Tania’s expertise in project management and training spans a variety of industries over a number of years.   With diplomas in hand from Algonquin, Tania has managed the day-to-day workings of Cyan Solutions as our Director of Operations since October 2009.  As such, Tania organizes our team right from beginning to end – from estimates to production, and everything in between.  That leads to fast-paced, pressure-filled days for Tania, but she’s always up for what is thrown at her and she enjoys the many unique challenges that cross her desk.   Tania’s prior experience managing teams within the public service – including with the Ottawa Fire Service – has given her a solid background in establishing procedures and developing training programs, and the time she spends working with her teammates at Cyan in all their various roles is a highlight for Tania.   

 When not keeping the Cyan team organized, she is on the ice playing right wing in both summer and winter hockey leagues.  She is a fan as well as a player – especially of her favourites, the Montreal Canadiens.  When Tania takes a break from hockey, you can find her in front of her PS4 gaming console, perfecting her Call of Duty play.   


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