Valentina Reid

Senior Graphic Designer

Valentina Reid

Having started in Fine Arts, Valentina made the switch to Graphic Design excited to do what she loves every day. She has been a Designer since March of 1999, and fortunately for Cyan's clients, she still enjoys applying her talents and constantly being inspired. Valentina's other loves include family, books, losing herself in a great TV series, and the family cottage on White Lake. Over the years, she has even learned to love wine! Her daughter Lily - born in Northern Ireland with an attitude to match - is Valentina's pride and joy. It's not all rainbows and unicorns though - she is still working on conquering her fear of mascots. What she probably should work on, though, is her addiction to Starbucks. When Valentina isn't busy being a grown up, she likes to get through a book from start to finish. Those times she gets to read an entire book at the cottage is her heaven!


years living and working in Northern Ireland


of BETA & VHS videos tested for the family video store


Starbucks stars earned