Brand Therapy

Brand Therapy
Brand Therapy


There may come a time when you will need to refresh - or maybe even completely redesign - your brand. In fact, that time is practically inevitable for most organizations. Despite that, many companies put off doing so due to nervousness, hesitation, confusion, and (not infrequently) fear of making the change.   



Think about it: are you dealing with any of these situations?

  • Your branding may be starting to show its age - possibly, it's not as contemporary as it once was  
  • Your offering has evolved throughout your years in business, and now isn't exactly what it was when you started
  • Your existing marketing materials are mismatched and inconsistent
  • Your target market has changed with the times and has shifted since your brand first launched


A brand refresh can ensure your image is fresh by making slight revisions and tweaks. It's a bit of makeover, a new coat of paint, a shift in look, tone, colour, or layout. It's you, just a snappier version.

Rebranding can, yes, also be a complete redesign. It's new, it's transformative, it's a leap forward with your corporate identity. It's still you, but the new and improved 2.0 version.


The result of either can lead to reaching new audiences and the creation of some new energy - isn't it about time?

Both can be done without fear. Really - trust me.    

I've worked with clients who have known that they need a new brand. They've been advised that their existing one is inadequate, but they may have made it themselves. In those cases, they are not in a happy place about having to let it go! That's not a great feeling for a client, nor for a designer. 


A brand refresh should be exciting for everyone, and therefore, I treat it like a mini therapy session. I've found that the best way to tear apart a brand - in order to build it back up again - is to dive in and really get to know it. I like to first show the old brand some respect. I don't rush right in and change everything right away without spending some quality time really getting my head around it. 

I've also found that - before starting any design work on a brand refresh - it is worthwhile to make a pro/con list of everything that comes to mind. By everything, I mean everything - small tweaks that could slightly tighten up the "as is" logo, along with big changes that would make radical improvements.

I always find it helpful to get the clients take on it. They ended up with that particular brand for a reason. It was a journey for them, and quite likely was a pretty exciting time, too - the excitement of starting something special.


It does happen - that occasional yet awkward moment when something I may have put on the "con" list, is actually on the client's "pro: must keep" list - so I strive to understand their emotions and put their feelings front and centre before beginning the refresh.

Using care, empathy - along with intervention when needed - we are able to come up with a treatment for the brand that the client embraces with excitement and acceptance, allowing them to face the future with positivity!



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