Pay For Play: Getting Your Message Out On Social Media Will Cost You

Pay For Play: Getting Your Message Out On Social Media Will Cost You

Since the early 2000s, brands across the globe have experienced widespread growth and exposure thanks to social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn - for FREE. Over the past few years, could focus on creating share-worthy content and post to their social media pages and watch traffic roll in organically.

But social media are a business and they have collectively stopped promoting your posts for free. For example, Facebook has recently limited organic post traffic to 1-2% of your followers. If you want to reach the rest of your audience, you need to pay for each post. For companies with thousands, even millions of followers, that news is devastating.

However, paid social media can be a highly effective marketing tool. With the right content and social media's unique targeting features, a brand can still inexpensively reach your desired audience in the online places they're using actively.

So what advertising options are available to brands wanting to promote their messages online? A couple of popular options include:


Whether you want to promote your Facebook page, drive traffic to your website or promote a sales offer, Facebook uses Sponsored Stories to get your message in front of your audience. Brands can easily post something to their page, select a budget and choose an audience (City, Gender, Age and Interests) and Facebook will promote your post to those individuals' timelines.

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Twitter has two main advertising options. The first, Promoted Accounts, puts your brand account front and center in front of individuals you target. Just set a budget and a maximum per follow bid and you will start gaining new followers instantly. For as little as $1 per new follower, Promoted Accounts is a good way to increase your audience for future engagement.

The second advertising option, Promoted Tweets, shares your posts to selected individuals' Twitter feed, similar to Facebook Sponsored Stories. Just set a budget and desired audience and start getting more impressions of your post, like a traditional television or radio advertisement.

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These are just a couple of advertising options out there in the social media space. Brands have also found great exposure using paid advertising on LinkedIn and YouTube, among others.

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