Amnesty International

Amnesty International is a global movement working to protect and promote human rights.Their mission is to conduct research and generate action to prevent and end grave abuses of human rights and to demand justice for those whose rights have been violated.

We have worked with Amnesty on a great number of projects. Most notably, we have produced Amnesty's Activist, their quarterly newsletter, for over 22 years and have seen it evolve from a simple black and white newsletter to the full colour magazine it is now. They are one of our longest standing clients and it is an absolute pleasure to work with an organization who's mission is to make a difference in the world.

For their 2014 Annual Report, Amnesty International requested a clean design with a visual focus - so we delivered just that. This report features campaigns and projects spearheaded by Amnesty. Text was kept to a minimum throughout, allowing the photography to be as large and impactful as possible.

The presentation of the 2014 Annual Report is impressive. It strikes me as refreshed, focused, and if I dare say, fancy! This is a great new standard. The Cyan team has done an excellent job.

Board President, Amnesty International

Amnesty Annual Report Design & Layout
Amnesty Activist Quarterly Newsletter Design & Layout

The mission of Amnesty International's Individuals At Risk program is to protect and defend the human rights of individuals and communities at risk of violations and abuses around the world. We were given the opportunity to develop an identity for this life-changing campaign. Working within the Amnesty International brand, our team of designers developed a powerful logo that perfectly represents this initiative by incorporating the concepts of hope, freedom and breaking free.

Amnesty Individuals At Risk T-Shirt
Amnesty Youth Guide Cover
Amnesty Youth Guide Interior Spread
Amnesty Youth Guide Interior Spread

We took a lively, energetic approach to this guide for youth Activists, combining Amnesty's look and feel with playful text, shapes, colours, and icons that play to the audience. Full page imagery and large calls to action were dispersed throughout the booklet to both add visual appeal to the modern, simple layout and to entice and engage the market.

Amnesty Write for Rights Logo & Poster Design
Amnesty Corporate Brochure Design & Layout

The goal of this brochure was to attract new individuals to get involved with Amnesty International. The layout is clean and organized, allowing the information to be as easy to read and follow as possible. Call to actions are prominent, highlights are used to draw attention to critical information and real-life photographs were introduced to make a connection with the audience.

Amnesty Swag



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