House of Fine Carpentry

House of Fine Carpentry (HoFC) specializes in the design, manufacturing and installation of high quality home finishes manufactured right here in Ottawa. In 2015, HoFC expanded to better serve their growing number of customers seeking unique solutions for their homes by launching Cabify Cabinetry, a line of kitchen and built-in cabinets.

We have worked with HoFC for several years - from creating their corporate identity and expanding their brand to building an e-commerce style website that houses a large number of products and services and, most recently, making significant changes to their digital advertising efforts. When HoFC launched Cabify Cabinetry in 2015, we spearheaded the development of their corporate identity and the development of their brand. We have been, and continue to be, a proud part of HoFC's evolution.

The Brand

When House of Fine Carpentry first opened its doors, we supported our friends by creating their corporate identity and brand. The modern lines and type found in the HoFC logo are reflective of the smooth lines and finishes found in their work. We kept their colour palette to a minimum, using a primary red and black, which, together, exude professionalism.


We then turned our sights to their website ( which our client requested serve two purposes: be an online retail outlet and be an information hub to showcase the custom work that House of Fine Carpentry provides. The resulting Drupal website features a full-width slideshow to feature HoFC's high quality portfolio and product images to drive e-commerce sales.

HOFC Website Homepage Design
HOFC Postcard Design

To help promote House of Fine Carpentry's custom kitchen services, we designed a postcard mailer. Distributed to target audiences in the Ottawa area, this piece leaves a lasting impression with potential clients. The postcard was designed around the HoFC brand, using bright and bold red accents with large white text. The most important part of this piece is the eye-catching photo, showcasing HoFC's talent.

HOFC Partner Newsletter
HOFC Partner One-Pager
Cabify Cabinetry Logo & Branding
The Cabify Brand

Cabify Cabinetry is a high-end design and manufacturer of kitchen cabinets and doors. A sister company of HoFC, they wanted to stand out in a crowded marketplace. With new but complimentary colours to HoFc, the Cabify Cabinetry logo was designed with a bright green and accompanying charcoal grey to make a statement. 

We continue to work with Cabify to grow and develop their brand, web presence and marketing strategy. Most recently, we implemented a strategy for tracking and optimizing leads which resulted in a 20% increase over a 3 month period.

Cabify Newsletter

Along with an e-newsletter, we designed a postcard mailer to help promote the launch of Cabify Cabinetry. To help the new company stand out in a crowded marketplace, we used their new brand colours, an eye-catching interior photo and finely crafted content to draw in attention. The postcard exudes professionalism and craftsmanship, two resounding qualities embraced by Cabify.

Cabify Cabinetry Postcard



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