Witness The Rebirth, A Cobbler No More

Witness The Rebirth, A Cobbler No More
Witness The Rebirth, A Cobbler No More


We've all heard the old proverb about the cobbler's children going without shoes. Meaning: someone who is so busy plying their trade that they don't get around to using their specific skills to help those closest to them... they get so preoccupied with helping others that they neglect their own affairs.

Mothers are very familiar with this state of affairs! As a mom myself, I can't count (actually, I don't want to) the number of times that I have forsaken myself and my own needs for the sake of my kids. You know:  "sure, you can have that last cookie/car/fancy education... I don't need to eat"!  OK.... a little dramatic but you get the point.

Relating this to our situation in the workplace: the great irony of being a successful marketing firm - that doesn't market themselves nearly enough - is not lost on any of us here at Cyan Solutions. We focus on creating, on lifting others, on plying our trade (and happily doing so), yet we struggle with finding enough time for our own branding. Or our own website. Or our own social media.

Our bad! 


We haven't lost much sleep over the fact that we've put our own Cyan marketing on the back burner. As the cobbler can't be judged by the shoes he wears but more so by the quality of his work and the satisfaction of his clients, so too with us. We're proud to have so many satisfied clients in our corner.

But we can do better!

Things are going to change. Things are changing. No longer satisfied with playing the sole role of cobbler, the team at Cyan is branching out. Make no mistake, we're going to keep doing what we do so well for our clients, but just like the moms who have decided "enough! I'm going to the spa!", we're also going to take some time for ourselves, so we can better assist you.

We're going to re-launch Cyan Solutions - it's us, just better. Refreshed branding. Social media postings. Updated website. What we recommend for our valued clients, we are going to do for ourselves.

And we cannot wait to have you join us for the journey! 

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